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Share Hub

Evidence suggests that enabling investment research to be easily and anonymously edited by anyone will, in time, result in free-to access, high-quality research on the largest number of investments. In other words, it will result in the democratisation of investment research, and help make more money for everyone. It will help to centralise all sincere traders and make them highly probably profitable.

Why Share Hubs Exist

Economists have attempted to explain the phenomenon of Share hubs, whereby financial services firms cluster together in certain cities, through what they call cluster theory. According to cluster theory, consolidating firms in one area benefits firms within an industry to co-locate in a certain city because it is easier to hire capable workers where industries are concentrated.

For example, it would be easier for one worker to quit their job in one firm to go work at another firm if they didn’t have to make a big move to do so.

In Share Hub, Traders are Free to live trading together and share learning together with Strategies with Live Trading in market hours.

Share Hub Services are free for Limited period.

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