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Course Instructor Kyle’s background is in commercial lending, where he was responsible for originating and underwriting middle market credit transactions. He has extensive experience conducting financial analysis and assessing business and industry risks. Kyle has a BEd from McGill University (Montreal, QC) and an MBA from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC). Kyle is passionate about business strategy and risk management.

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We are enthused with the idea of simplifying trading with our innovative techniques and making trading look simple and easy to understand.

We are esharemarket, a young company offering

1) Integrated Learning Service

2) Trading

3) Wealth Management

4) Financial Planning

We are committed to taking the benefits not only to our clients but to society at large.

Over the years, we have developed innovative yet simple tools to bring objectivity to trading and simplified pattern identifications for price analysis.

Our platform and training is unique and truly one of its kind!

That’s not all; our strategies are customized using different types of methods and market trading techniques and designed to give our clients maximum benefit by improving productivity and investment performance.

Understanding the market needs and accurately incorporating them in our learning has enabled us to be forerunners in stock market training and development.

We believe everyone has a right to financial independence, and the secret to this freedom is very simple and easy to learn.

Our key services

1)Training on Stock Market price Analysis,

2) Investment Advisory

3) Risk Management

help you plan for a future that is stress-free and joyous because we will help you make the best financial decisions for a secure future.

Needless to say, Team “esharemarket” is always on the go and charged up to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries so that we can deliver incremental value and benefits to our clients & our society every time!

CALL US @ 9315306350 today to discuss your financial independence!

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