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Knowledge is a journey. Smart Money is a comprehensive guide to financial markets. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find structured lessons to help you grow your wealth.

Beginners Guide to Stock Market

This course is designed for everyone with no prior knowledge required. Hop on to the journey and fasten your seat belts to go on a tour with us to the Stock Market.

  • 9 Modules, 2 Hrs.
  • English
  • Course Outline
  • Introduction to Stock Market
  • Different Investment Instruments
  • Regulators of financial markets
  • Common trading terminologies


About Course

Hey there! Isn’t financial growth something you desire? Is the stock market something that fascinates you? But are you scared because you don’t know much about it?

If yes, you’re at the right place.

People often refrain from the stock market and find the domain a bit scary and, more so, risky. However, clarity of concepts makes you wiser and would ease the process for you. So, our dear patron, you don’t have to worry, because our fantastic course, ‘Beginners Guide to Stock Market,’ will help you understand the basics of the stock market and enlighten your core concepts in a fun way!

Get an insight into the investing world by learning investment terminologies, various investment instruments, financial intermediaries.Further, this course also discusses trading from scratch. This course is specially designed keeping in mind the prerequisites of investing so that you thrive in the financial market without any fear. Wait no longer and start learning!

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