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The stock market isn’t all that difficult. when you have traders and teachers trading with you to make money. It costs money to learn trading and investment. Furthermore, learn from a trader rather than a teacher. Learn how to deal with adversity and not become overconfident while you’re making cash.

Option Trading

The webinar on step by step guide to option trading is designed for all the market participants who want to seek guidance in option trading & strategies. Knowing options and getting into long term trade requires experience and definitely lot reading. It is great to attend a session which is designed covering the important out of the basic topics of options and then taking you to the strategies that will work while trading. This webinar will also emphasise on the perfect strategy that will be suitable to the current scenario.

  • To understand the basics of options
  • Understanding the meaning of call/ buy, put/sell
  • To know how to be careful while trading in options
  • Understanding the spread strategies
  • Understanding the perfect strategy in current scenario

Trade Master

“After all, it takes money to make money”, they continue as they begrudgingly work their way through the rat-race. Then they slap a few bucks away in a target-date 401(k) fund and settle for meager returns year-after- year, oblivious to the mounting risks inherent in the modern monetary system that are threatening their very retirement.

The course is here to say that it doesn’t have to be that way. There are other options for those who are willing to change the way they think about money,finance, economics, and most importantly… themselves.

Though it sounds trite, the key to your personal financial success all begins with a thorough understanding of money.

If you doubt this, simply ask yourself a question: what is money?

Trading Strategy

Trading is a science that needs a strong understanding of price movement. It is widely accepted theory in trading that price is god. Why spend so much time on other facets when price can give you the best probable direction. This webinar will equip the participants with the process of identifying stock idea that has the highest chance of success.

To help the participants to trade in the right stock with high probability of momentum breakouts.

Technical Analysis

Using too many technical tools together can make your technical analysis messy and ineffective. Following different methods in technical analysis makes it difficult to calculate and determine entry and exit levels. In this case, the possibility of ‘let it and early exit’ increases. The scope of technical analysis is increasing day by day, share market beginners and experienced people want to learn technical analysis skills and earn better in future.

This Technical Analysis course has been planned and designed keeping in mind the motto “Simple is Beautiful”. Time and time again the experience of studying with real planning is proven to be effective and to increase the likelihood of far-reaching results.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is a method of estimating the intrinsic value of a security by analysing numerous macroeconomic and microeconomic elements in accounting and finance. Fundamental analysis’ ultimate purpose is to determine a security’s intrinsic value. The intrinsic worth of the security can then be compared to its current market price to aid investment decisions.

The ultimate goal is to arrive at a number that can be compared to the present price of a security to determine whether it is undervalued or overvalued.

Technical analysis, which forecasts the direction of prices by analysing previous market data such as price and volume, is believed to be in contrast to this approach of stock analysis.

Advace Option Analysis

Option trading provides flexibility and if the trade goes against us, there comes adjustment with flexibility. We will talk about the significance of adjustments and different methods that can be used to adjust your trades. We will focus on Long repairs.

  • Importance of adjustment in Options Trading.
  • Adjustments approach.
  • We will see a few examples.
  • Best practices around adjustments.
  • Questionnaire. 


We have the objective of building financial discipline in the masses by simplifying Stock Market Education and Financial Concepts. our Leader Bhavesh Aggarwal is the spearhead in this mission.

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